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Committed to
communities and science

We investigate to take care of the planet.

We dream of a world where local communities and scientists work hand in hand to generate specific knowledge that allows developing plans and programs for the conservation of species and ecosystems, generating opportunities and well-being for these communities.


Social Development

We protect, assist and promote the rights of local communities.

Environmental Conservation

We recover and protect natural resources, seeking environmental and economic sustainability.

Scientific Investigation

We develop research projects in various disciplines, from environmental sciences to social sciences, to generate valuable information for the conservation of the natural environment.

Research projects

Sun in winter, snow in summer

We investigate the migratory connection of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) between their breeding areas in the Colombian Pacific and their feeding areas in the Antarctic Peninsula.


Great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers

We investigate the maternal lineages and genetic diversity of Hawksbill turtles in the Colombian Caribbean. Contributing to the knowledge of these species and generating data that supports their conservation programs.

Hawksbill Turtle_edited.png

Answers in a drop of water

Elucidating the population structure of the tucuxi dolphin from environmental DNA analysis to understand the genetic diversity of dolphins of the species Sotalia fluviatilis in the Amazon basin.

The search for the Tota Catfish

We wanted to confirm if the species still exists in Laguna de Tota and surrounding areas, since this species has been considered extinct since the late 1950s. Information about the possible presence of this species still in the Laguna will support conservation efforts. Biodiversity in high mountain aquatic ecosystems.

Allied communities

Reflejos de Coquí

We weave for conservation,
We intertwine traditions, communities and science, one handmade keychain at a time.

Heart of Tarapoto

Sew to preserve. With each stitch of love and protection, we embroider a tapestry of preservation for manatees and their homes.

Adopt a Humpback Whale, Gray River Dolphin and/or Hawksbill Turtle!

Our adoption program gives marine life lovers the unique opportunity to support the conservation of these iconic species. By adopting a humpback whale, gray river dolphin, or hawksbill turtle, you are directly contributing to research and conservation efforts that protect their habitats and populations.


Our beautiful fabric key chains, bags and pencil cases with motifs of the biodiversity of Chocó are handmade by talented seamstresses from the region, in order to preserve the local artisan tradition and provide economic opportunities to their communities and the scientific research that seeks to preserve them. their ecosystems.

Join us in this joint effort for a more supportive and sustainable world!
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