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Reflejos de Coquí

Coqui Community, Gulf of Tribugá, Chocó, Colombian Pacific

In April 2022 we began to develop the “Reflejos de Coqui” project in alliance with the women members of the “Costurero de Coqui”.

The Seamstress began work during the Pandemic, to sew masks and provide these to the members of the communities in the Gulf of Tribugá. Several Colombian fashion designers donated sewing machines for the use of the communities.

After the pandemic, the women of the seamstress wanted to diversify the products they made and after contacting us, we teamed up to start making keychains in the shape of marine animals from the Gulf of Tribugá. This is how “Reflejos de Coqui” was born!

With the community we also develop educational activities for children and support entrepreneurship and community tourism processes.

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Heart of Tarapoto

Santa Clara de Tarapoto Community, Puerto Nariño, Colombian Amazon

In November 2023, we began to develop the “Taraputu aun Maüne” (Heart of Tarapoto) project with the Ticuna Community of the Santa Clara de Tarapoto Indigenous Reservation.

A couple of months earlier, the Omacha Foundation (our friends and long-time collaborators too!) returned Moeuchi, an Amazonian manatee, to its natural habitat in Lake Tarapoto.

Community members became the “guardians of Moeuchi” reporting its location, activity and status.

This project, reflecting the love for Moeuchi in manatee-shaped keychains, is a collaboration with the community and Fundación Omacha to promote local popular economies in the Colombian Amazon.