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We are a non-profit organization committed to the well-being of communities in vulnerable situations and the conservation of the environment .

We want to be leaders in scientific research that guides the preservation of our natural resources and at the same time contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of marginalized populations.

We want the well-being of the communities and the care of the environment. Our commitment is unbreakable.


We believe in the importance of mutual help and collaboration to overcome challenges.


We seek excellence in our research and in the execution of our projects .


We promote sustainable practices to preserve our environment and ensure a better future.

Susana Caballero

My research interest has focused on the use of molecular techniques to describe the population structure, conservation genetics and evolutionary processes of different groups of aquatic vertebrates.

The main objective of this research is to obtain new sources of information to increase our knowledge about various species and communities to improve their management programs.

I have been working with a number of species such as humpback whales, sharks, ornamental and commercially important fish, marine and riverine turtles, manatees, bottlenose dolphins, Amazon river dolphins and the coastal and riverine dolphins of South America, the tucuxi and the Guiana dolphins.

I also have experience working with local communities developing conservation projects in different regions of Colombia.

Giuseppe Basile

I have followed a double professional career that includes an artistic and creative profile as well as a technical one. I have had extensive experience as a cinematographer and photographer, working on a variety of projects such as short films, documentaries and film photography.

My technical profile includes experience in camera workflow, developed over nine years as a focus puller and camera assistant in different audiovisual pieces such as films and short films, advertising, documentaries and music videos.


Nadine Hakim

She is a student at the University of Los Andes, passionate about the genetics and population structure of sea turtles.

Her creativity and love for everything related to the sea has driven her to explore and work on the conservation of these fascinating marine creatures.

With an innovative approach, Nadine aims to contribute to the knowledge and protection of sea turtles, fusing her passion for science with her admiration for the ocean.

Learn about our research projects.

Adopt a Humpback Whale, Gray River Dolphin and/or Hawksbill Turtle!

Our adoption program gives marine life lovers the unique opportunity to support the conservation of these iconic species. By adopting a humpback whale, gray river dolphin, or hawksbill turtle, you are directly contributing to research and conservation efforts that protect their habitats and populations.


Our beautiful fabric keychains, bags and pencil cases with motifs of the biodiversity of Chocó are handmade by talented seamstresses from the region, in order to preserve the local artisan tradition and provide economic opportunities to their communities and the scientific research that seeks to preserve them. their ecosystems.

Join us in this joint effort for a more supportive and sustainable world!
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