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Humpback Whales, Hawksbill Turtles and Tucuxi Dolphins.

Why adopt?

By symbolically adopting an aquatic animal, you become part of our ongoing effort to conserve marine life and aquatic ecosystems. Your support contributes directly to the protection of these species and ensures that future generations can enjoy their beauty and uniqueness.

How does it work?

1. Elige tu especie

Select whether you want to adopt a humpback whale, a hawksbill turtle or a tucuxi dolphin. Each adoption includes detailed information about the chosen species.

3. Tracking

Stay informed about the progress of the research projects your adoption is supporting. You will receive regular updates on activities and discoveries.

2. Receive your certificate

After your adoption, you will receive a personalized certificate with the name of your marine animal, its scientific data and a reference photo.

4. Impact

Your contribution will help fund essential research and conservation programs to protect these species, their natural habitats, as well as work with local communities in the ranges of your species of interest.

Join us and become an advocate for marine life. Adopt a humpback whale, hawksbill turtle or tucuxi dolphin today and make a difference in the conservation of our ecosystems and our planet.

Plus receive one of our keychains, corresponding to the species of your choice!


Our beautiful fabric keychains, bags and pencil cases with motifs of the biodiversity of Chocó are handmade by talented seamstresses from the region, in order to preserve the local artisan tradition and provide economic opportunities to their communities and the scientific research that seeks to preserve them. their ecosystems.

Join us in this joint effort for a more supportive and sustainable world!
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